Monday, January 14, 2008

chris and kara are married!

a couple of weekends ago juli and i flew to irving, texas, for chris and kara's wedding. it was such a blessing to have jules with me - she was a huge help with everything, and i hate traveling alone! we were able to spend much of the weekend with the couple, their friends, and their families. it was so nice to get to know everyone, and we greatly appreciated all of the wonderful hospitality we received. chris and kara are fun, alive, and beautiful people; they wanted their weekend and their ceremony in particular to honor Christ, and it showed. everything that happened felt as if it fit, like each moment was hand crafted for their joy and for God's glory. it was beautiful.

a couple of key moments that made me cry like a baby ...

1. chris and kara decided to see each other before the wedding so they could get some outside shots of them while there was still light. we put chris in a room by himself with his back turned, and we brought kara in to him. she wanted some photos of this moment, and i am so grateful that she did. chis' facial expressionas were priceless - not only was he beaming waiting for her, but he was completely overwhelmed at the sight of her when he turned around. we were so privileged to be a part of those moments with them.

2. when kara's dad gave her away, he spoke for a few minutes. he told them that even though he was technically giving her away that she was never really his to give. she was and had always been God's child, and He had given her to them for just a time. i don't think anyone had a dry eye in the room, including her dad. it was so sweet.

3. chris suprised his mother with a son-mother dance and chose the song "a song for mama" by boyz II men. if you have never heard that song, you should immediately go on itunes and check it out. he sang it to her the whole time they were dancing, and it was very obvious that they have a sweet relationship. i could barely keep the camera steady, but i got some good shots of them dancing that you can see in the slideshow.

thank you to chris and kara and your friends and families for such an awesome experience. i hope you enjoy your pictures!

edited to add: they also danced to thriller at the end of their reception. it was hilarious! so no, they aren't wierdos ... some of the pictures at the end of the slideshow are from the thriller moments! just thought i would clarify for you guys!:)


  1. LOVED these pictures...I felt like i was a part of it! Beautiful!

  2. thanks, shannon! i loved them too! it was such an awesome experience ...