Monday, January 14, 2008

introducing ... BABY MART!!

so the biggest news ever is that we are having a baby!!! we had our first ultrasound today, and i had a mommy check up. The doctors and nurses said that everything was perfect! it was so surreal to see a growing being and to hear the heartbeat of the little life inside of me. if you look closely, you can see an ear, an eye, hands, and a leg! and the sweetest part was that the baby was sucking its thumb, and we caught it on tape. precious!

for all those who are curious, the doctor has given me a solid due date of july 28th, so i will be able to (prayerfully) finish out the wedding season with the help of a few gracious photographers who have agreed to assist me from here on out.

thank you thank you thank you to my sweet and precious husband who has endured much morning (more like all day) sickness and exhaustion and late night pizza deliveries and an outrageous grocery bill these last 6 weeks. i couldn't have made it this far without you.

we will keep you posted on my progress. right now we just feel so blessed.
happy monday to you all!


  1. yay for babies!! congratulations guys. baby annie can't wait to meet baby mart.

  2. Congratulations, sweet friend. I know you are going to be a fabulous mom.

  3. Marty guessed right!! What a blessing to both of you! God is good all the time and all the time God is good.

  4. kristen - baby mart can't wait to meet baby annie! we hope to see you guys this summer!

    miska - thanks. i need to hear that. and often ... with as crazy as i feel sometimes, i wonder, you know?

    debbie- you and marty are too cute! and he is a good guesser. :)

  5. Blessings...i had a feeling you were in for more special blessings for your household!! :) Congratulations!!!

  6. i love baby mart's first picture!! we are so excited for you and so glad everything went great yesterday. we will keep praying!

  7. Danny and I are so happy for you guys! This is going to be quite a year at the Mart home:)