Saturday, February 9, 2008

3 pictures and 27 dresses

so i finally got myself together to get some pictures to post. first, i wanted to show you the dress i picked out to wear to the gala, and how i stuffed my baby bump into it!

my friend melissa went to the mall with me to help me pick out my jewelry, and i got a great deal on my necklace and earring set. we had a great time at the party; it was really fun to see everyone dressed up and to spend time with our friends.

so last night, john decided he wanted to take me to dinner and a movie. i got to pick the movie, and when that happens we always see a chick flick. i decided on 27 dresses. i thought i would be able to relate since i had been to, been in, photographed, and coordinated many a wedding while i was still single. plus i love katherine heigl. (can anybody say "writers' strike almost over?") anyway, i had been eating all day (of course) and john wasn't that hungry, so we went to ruby tuesday and sat at the bar and had appetizers. it was a non-smoking bar, and it was empty, so we got to sit down right away. we ended up getting their sampler platter and their guacamole dip - which, if you know me, you know that i love me some homemade guacamole, and theirs was actually really good. john only got a few bites. :) here's what we looked like before dinner:

john took the pictures with our little point and shoot to make it easier. i can't wait until i get bigger, and we can get some professional maternity pictures done! and if you haven't seen 27 dresses, you should. it's really cute.

all in all, it was just one of those nights where things just felt right. john and i had a nice, relaxing time, the food and the movie were a perfect fit, and i got to see my friends allison and olivia while i was at the movie! they were coming out as we were going in. good times. friday night got an a+.

hope your friday night was a perfect fit for you.


  1. awww... your little bump is super cute!! you look beautiful!

  2. thanks, kristen. you are so sweet. those words are always helpful when your body is getting bigger and bigger. :)

  3. so cute! love it! can't wait to see all 3 marts soon.

  4. You are a very cute pregnant woman! It's amazing..the only thing that seems to be growing is your tummy, and nothing else! :)

  5. linds,
    you have no idea how many times i have said to john that i can't wait to see this little one!

    let's hope it stays that way! ::fingers crossed:: but no matter what, it will all be worth it in the end. :)