Wednesday, February 20, 2008

american idol and a baby first!!

so last night, john and i were watching the very first live show of american idol this season. in case you are not a fan or generally all around deaf and blind, season 7 is here!! the guys performed songs from the 60's last night, and for the most part did really really well. i told john last week that my top four pics were brooke white - the curly headed blonde, carly smithson - the irish girl, david archuleta - the sweet 17 year old, and michael johns - the aussie. we'll see how my predictions pan out, but i have to say that my top 2 guys were THE top two guys last night. i am excited to see how the girls do tonight ...

but even more exciting is that we were just shooting the breeze during commerical break, and i felt the baby move for the first time!! i happened to have my hand on my belly as i do more and more these days, and i felt a little punch! it was almost like a little high five! it was such an amazing experience, one i cannot put into words. i am so looking forward to feeling more as our sweet little one grows. so, in honor of baby mart, i will leave you with an image of what i hope our baby is doing ... dancing!

have a great wednesday! we're halfway to the weekend!

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  1. I LOVE the dancing baby!
    I think Camden was doing flips inside me though. What was so cool for me was that Camden would get active at the same time EVERY night. It was always between 8 and 9 when I was laying on the bed watching TV. I would keep my hand on my belly and it was like he knew my hand was there!
    I hope that you're feeling better.