Wednesday, February 13, 2008

identity theft SUCKS but wachovia RULES!

so john and i briefly go over our budget and bills about 1-2x per week just to be sure we are communicating well about our finances and to be sure that all our bills are paid in advance. last night i was browsing through our bank statement online, and i discovered that there was a purchase for $865.80 that i obviously did not make. i immediately called him at work and asked if he had made such a big purchase (which i knew he never would without my knowledge.) of course he said no, so i called wachovia right away. they determined that an airline ticket was purchased in miami beach, florida with john's debit card. simultaneously, john googled the name of the company that charged us and found out that other people had fraudulent charges for airline tickets on their accounts from this company, too! thankfully, wachovia is a customer friendly bank with extremely high priorities on customer satisfaction. they told me that they would file a fraudulent claim and that we would have our money back within 24-48 hours! i was so pleased with every aspect of how they handled the situation. and to top it all off, i checked the bank this morning, and our money was already back in the account including all fees associated with it! i have to say that i have never been so satisfied as a customer with anyone as i have been with wachovia. we just recently switched to them a few months back, and i am so glad we did. we will never bank with anyone else. not only did the fraud department do such a great job, but the branch that we use (greer/thornblade brach) is incredible. i am on a first name basis with the employees there - not because i am a millionaire and they want my money, but because they truly care about making their customers feel at ease and served well.

what could have been a nightmare was just a blip on the map thanks to the awesome, rockin people at wachovia. where do you bank??


  1. That is super crazy, so glad that it was taken care of so quickly!

  2. i know, it really could have been a disaster! wachovia rules!