Monday, February 18, 2008

tales from a sick girl

morning sickness is terrible. probably the most terrible physical feeling i have ever experienced in my life ... until now. i have been sick for almost a week now with what my doctor suspected was strep throat. because my white blood cell count wasn't elevated and i didn't want to throw up (again) from a strep test, he decided that my diagnosis was either strep or a really severe sinus infection, both of which would require a pregnancy safe antibiotic. since i have never been this sick from a sinus infection, i am leaning towards thinking i have strep throat, but regardless - it is all awful. and things are always pretty crazy around our house when someone is sick. here are just a few highlights:

-my sweet and great friend jen came over to take me to the doctor while john was at work on friday. by that time, i was pretty darn sick, and she got to witness what we will just call "the frosted flake incident." it wasn't pretty, and i felt so bad for her.

-i missed a shopping trip with katie that we had been planning for 2 weeks.

-i missed a great 30th birthday bash for my dear friend and partner in crime juli kalbaugh. i was so bummed about missing this once in a lifetime party!

-i missed another opportunity to photography my friends' sweet little baby boy. we are trying to get these photos in before his little teeth emerge!

-i haven't been able to breathe from my nose since friday. taking medicine only dried out my mouth, and since i had to sleep with my mouth open, i spent all of saturday night drinking water to avoid cotton mouth. well, i must have dozed off with a full cup of water in my hand in the middle of the night because i woke up when i spilled it all over me and john in the bed! my poor husband ...

-last night was the first time i slept in 3 days.

-i haven't gotten out of my pajamas since thursday night. (yes, i did go to the doctor in my pajamas - that is how bad i felt.)

-i have spent the majority of my time lying down since thursday night. this includes the fact that i had to leave dinner in the middle of our meal on valentine's day to come home and lie down. again, my poor husband ...

-i have gone through 3, count them - 3, double rolls of cottonelle toilet paper blowing my nose in the last few days

the list could go on, but i think you get the picture. so for those of you who have contacted me in the last couple of days, i probably haven't gotten back to you because i was either a)too exhausted to type or b)coughing too much to call. i promise i will reply to your inquiries in the next couple of days.

a big thank you to jen, my mom, and john for supporting me through this.
hope everyone had a great and healthy weekend.

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