Monday, March 17, 2008

an adventurous weekend

john and i just returned late last night from charleston where i had two photo shoots over the weekend. that makes a total of three shoots this week! katie and taylor's engagement session on the beautiful daniel island was a blast and should be posted sometime later this week. in between sessions john and i were able to relax, shop around a bit, enjoy the beach, and eat great food. we stayed at the seaside inn, which is on isle of palms right on the ocean. however, we did get blasted by the huge storm that came through, and john had to turn off the radio because the weather guys were freaking me out. they were all "it's headed right for ya! take immediate cover!" and i was all "where can we hide? should we dive under the bed?" that is one of the many reasons i love my husband. he turned off the radio and said, "c'mon let's go get something to eat" with a complete calm and straight face. so we ate dinner and made a little stop over at target and didn't die through any of it! the biggest bummer was driving home. we got stuck on the interstate when the scdot was cleaning up debris from where the storm actually did hit, and it took us 2.5 hours to get 6 miles! ugh. but it did give us time to think of more baby names ... the jury's still out for now!

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