Thursday, March 13, 2008

introducing ...

baby boy mart! we had our 20 week ultrasound yesterday and found out that we are having a son! and most importantly, he is growing and developing well and is very, very healthy so far. i feel so grateful and blessed to be carrying this child and am looking forward to parenting with john. we started this week on getting the nursery ready, so once we are done, i'll post some pics. for now, here is our sweet little boy!


  1. Congratulations, Linds! You're going to love having a little guy around. I get lots of kisses these days from my little knights/super-heroes/warriors, etc. And they call me their princess. Can't beat that! =)

  2. So excited for you...there is nothing like a little boy's love for his mama! :) And the way they imitate and admire their is amazing!

  3. YEAH!!!! B/c I haven't screamed enough with you already I thought I would do a little more here on your blog! So pumped to meet little baby boy Mart!! Lots of fun ahead in Greer :)!

  4. YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!! Y'all are going to be great parents and he's going to be SO cute! Can't wait to meet BBM ;)

  5. A SON!! God's blessings indeed.
    Enjoy every moment.
    Marty & Deb

  6. Congrats, Lindsey!!

    I bet John is so excited to be having a boy (and you too, of course!) I love all the pics on your blog. I do my best to keep up with you by reading your blog. Pretty sad, I know, but... If you ever have a moment to breathe, let me know--maybe we could get together for lunch or dinner sometime. Lots of love and congratulations on your baby boy!! :o)