Tuesday, March 4, 2008

a visit with the fam

last weekend john and i went to see my family in ruffin. for those of you who don't know, ruffin is a small - and i mean small - town about 45 minutes outside of charleston. ruffin has 2 streets, a stop sign, and a post office. my mom and dad live on a mini-farm with lots of land, lots of animals, and lots of toys both big and small. my sister and her husband came, along with my niece and nephews, and we were joined by my grandmother to all celebrate my mom's birthday. we spent the beautiful 72 degree and sunny day riding the kids around in my dad's gator, watching movies in our car with the doors open, and playing outside. here are a few shots i caught of the kiddos.





and i love this one that john took of me and emma.

quite some time ago, john had requested oysters, and my parents were kind enough to oblige him on this trip down. they usually don't eat them, but my dad made a special trip while he was in charleston to get some for john, and he borrowed a cooker from one of his friends to steam them up right. john was in heaven! my brother-in-law ate a couple with him, and john even got emma to eat some. that child is fearless! here we are with the oyster loot.

also, my dad has this huge cooker (one of his big toys) that he used to grill chickens, bratwursts, and boston butts. I use the plural form of these words because they cooked enough to feed an army. my mom was inside making macaroni and cheese, corn on the cob (from my family's garden), baked beans, and french fries. it was a feast, and we ate like kings. emma discovered boston butt for the first time, and she loved it - although i think she just liked saying the word "butt."

we had a great trip down, and we really enjoyed being there to celebrate my mom's birthday.

and p.s. did i mention that all of these beautiful shots were taken with my new nikon d300? i am in love!


  1. Wow! That is a great shot of you with Emma. I can't wait to find out if Hudson is going to have a best friend or a girlfriend:)