Saturday, April 12, 2008

24 weeks and some new friends

wednesday was a pretty fun day for me. first, i went to my ob for a checkup and got to hear our little guy's heartbeat again. it was in the 150's, which means it is good and strong. i am also measuring "perfectly" according to the doctor, but when she told me i had "had some good growth!" since my last visit, i wasn't sure exactly how to take that. i am creeping into numbers i have never seen on the scale, and i have to say it is a bit surreal. i'm not freaking out - yet - i am just not used to being this size. it wonderful and wierd all at the same time.

the other really cool thing about wednesday was that i met up with some great photographers in the area to hang out, model a bit, and grab some dinner. it was such a blast! i feel like we instantly bonded together, and there wasn't a dull moment the whole night. here are some shots i got of my new friends.

the super sweet and amazing amy wood

the funny and talented jana candler

and the precious and amazing marian ashley loftis

aren't they all just adorable? i can't wait until we can get together again - if you are a photographer in the greenville/spartanburg area and are interested in joining us next time, just comment or send me an email. we would love for you to join us!


  1. Great shots Lindsey! I really like the one up top of you.

  2. thanks! amy took that one - she's a great photographer! :)