Friday, April 11, 2008

funny story

so my mom calls me up last week to tell me that she and dad have decided they want to buy us our highchair for a shower gift, but the one we picked is apparently pretty popular because it is forever out of stock. she has been trying for days and days to catch it in stock and order it, but by the time she receives the notification and goes to order it, it is out of stock again. one day this week she decided to call babies r us to see what the deal was, and could only find the toys r us number, which is an 800 number. since they are the same company, she just figured that she would dial 1-800-babiesrus and get the store. much to her surprise, 1-800-babiesrus is a sex phone line!! and unfortunately she only found this out by dialing and being greeted by a sex phone operator!! she immediately hung up, looked babies r us up again and found it was 1-888-babiesrus. when she called and told the saleswoman what happened, the response she got was, "yes, m'am, unfortunately we are aware of the problem."

i almost peed my pants when she told me this story. i can just picture my mom - who, by the way, is sooo white bread - trying to do a really sweet thing for us and being greeted by a sex phone operator! it is just too much!

so for anyone who wants to call babies r us, be sure to dial 888. and thanks, mom, for the highchair and all the effort.

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