Monday, April 14, 2008

it's coming together!

since john worked 71 hours last week, worked all day saturday, and had to go in at 4:00am this morning, he decided that yesterday was our day. we didn't leave the house, we didn't talk to anyone else - we just hung out together. it was so nice to be able to spend time with him and not have to ask each other, "now what time do you have to be where today?"

one of the fun things we did was work on the baby's room for a little while. i cannot tell you how excited i am about how the room looks already! originally when we were planning out what we wanted, john and i both agreed that we weren't going to do a theme and we weren't going to buy a bedding set with matching items. really, there weren't too many out there that we liked anyway. so, i set off on a journey to find one or two items that we could decorate the room around as well as some fabric that we thought was boyish but not baby blue. after doing this and ordering furniture, i am super excited about the way it is turning out. here are a few little sneak peak images.

we'll post more after the furniture arrives and we get it all settled. also, i have my first shower this sunday, and i can't wait for that! it should be a lot of fun!

be on the lookout for images from nancy and david's wedding this week!
happy monday,

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