Friday, April 18, 2008


today should be a relatively quiet day. i have to run a couple of errands and to get ready for ashley and rob's wedding tomorrow, but otherwise, i get to rest! since john has been working so much, i have been trying to get all of our household things done (laundry, cooking, etc.) before he gets home so that he doesn't have to worry with them. it's made me kind of tired, and i am really glad that this big test at work will be over after this weekend. so today, i am caught up, and i am resting - which is a good thing considering i have ashley and rob's wedding on saturday, and my baby shower as well leah and ryan's engagement shoot on sunday.

one fun thing i get to work on though is hudson's first year book! here is a little sneak peak from the photo shoot on wednesday.

isn't he just adorable?? i can't wait to finish his book and send it off to print!

hope you are surviving your friday - the weekend is here! (which always makes me so happy!)

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  1. Well Hudson approves! He cracks me up - I showed him the blog and he just sits there looking intently and laughing outloud at the pictures of himself:)