Sunday, July 6, 2008

baby ready

it's almost time, folks. 3 weeks and counting ... and our little guy will be on his way. we have pre-registered at the hospital, gotten the nursery ready, picked a pediatrician, and locked in the car seat. everything is ready and waiting for his arrival ... including us. i am so ready for him to be here, but there are a few things i do have to take care of before he comes. :)

here are a few recent pics of his room.

we will keep everyone posted on his progress and arrival. hope everyone is having a great sunday!


  1. hey lindz...
    i am LOVING the nursery- it is so precious! i know how anxious you are! just wanted to say thank you thank you SO much for shooting our family pics today- you did a fabulous job and i am SO ready to get some huge gallery wraps to fill our empty bare walls! i will see you for YOUR session on friday!:)

  2. thanks, amy! i had a great time with you and your precious family and am so glad you loved your pictures! see you friday! :)

  3. super cute! we can't wait to meet baby mart! i know the last few weeks are the hardest (at least they were for me!) you're almost done.