Wednesday, July 9, 2008

sideways rain and straight up love

some days i am forced to stop dead in my tracks and bask in the wonder of my life. like yesterday when i was about to leave my office and a torrential downpour came upon us like a robber from an alleyway - out of nowhere the sky became black and the sideways rain started. i was on my way to the grocery store, a task that has become daunting in the last few weeks of my pregnancy, and i knew that i had not brought my umbrella in with me. so that meant making a run for it, or in pregnancy world, a "slow motion waddle" for it. but as i closed my office door and made my way to the lobby, i saw the most gorgeous sight i had seen all day. there stood my husband with his huge golf umbrella and his beautiful smile waiting on me to come out so he could escort me to the car and then further to the grocery store. he said he knew that i would need him to help - and he was almost right. i really just needed him. and as i do so often, i felt an enormous wave of gratitude and connection and love for the man i married. he is such a good man with a good heart - not perfect, human just like the rest of us - but good. and he loves me ... big, fat, seedy warts and all. i am so blessed.

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