Monday, October 6, 2008

miscellaneous monday

so much going on, so i just wanted to pack it all together for you today.

1. henry has a cold. even as i type those words i have such a feeling of dread in my gut. my baby is just 2 months old, and he has a cold. he is congested and weepy, and i feel so horrible about it. i am a purell wielding, card carrying germophobe, so this just goes to show you that control is elusive. try as i might, i cannot and will not always be able to shield my son from illness. but i will continue to do what i can to keep him healthy. ugh.

2. i just love the ellen degeneres show. i try to watch it everyday if i can. with games like "aww snap!" and "the marshmallow game" who doesn't love this show? it's just so stinkin funny, and ellen has such a great heart. check it out - 3pm on channel 4.

3. october is breast cancer awareness month. having had 2 very close family members battle this disease i can tell you it is a life changing experience that affects millions of women and families. click here to get more information or donate to the cause for the cure. also, ellen has a place on her site called "ellen for the cure" where you can donate as well.

4. the election is less than a month away. this has got to be one of the biggest, most important and exciting presidential races in a long, long time. whoever you vote for, get out to your local polling place and let your voice be heard! VOTE!

5. speaking of the election, let's talk about sarah palin. this comment i am about to make has nothing to do with my vote or my views on feminism; i am really excited at the thought of a woman - or a person of color for that matter - in the white house. no, this is strictly from the perspective of being a mother. *begin rant* why is it that no one in the mainstream media has questioned her ability to be an available mother to her children while working round the clock as vp? this woman is obviously charismatic and has a lot of drive, but i just want to know how she can possibly be available for her 5 kids, one who is a pregnant teenager and another who is an infant with special needs? i mean, people magazine did a piece on her where she described going back to work three days post partum and pumping while on the phone with government officials. is that supposed to be impressive? because, to me, it is not. after working with parents and children for almost 10 years and now being a parent myself, i can say with strong conviction that having a 24-7 job like the one she wants will take away from her relationship with her small children. they will need her presence, and she will have little time to give. i commend her for her initiative, but is it worth it at this time? if she becomes vp, i believe she will regret the timing. *end rant*

6. i am continuing to book up for 2009 and have limited space left! if you are interested in having coffee and talking about your wedding photography, don't wait!

7. my great friend julissa got maried this past saturday in puerto rico. i kow she was the most beautiful bride!! julissa, i hope it was all you dreamed of and more.

peace to you on this monday,

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