Sunday, May 17, 2009

married: heather and rusty

it's good to be back in the south. there are a lot of nice people here, and i think most of them were at heather and rusty's wedding today. from the bride and groom to all their family and friends, everyone welcomed me with kindness and generosity. and heather and rusty are both so gracious, laid back, and just plain fun to be around. i was like i was another member of the family, and it truly was an honor to be there. here are my favorites from the day.

heather has such great style ... check out those shoes!

look how her gorgeous eyes just pop!

and their sweet little doggy had a tux on, too!

one really fun thing is that heather and rusty know jonanthan and lindsey (a former bride and groom and friends forever) and rebekah and tyler (whose wedding i get to shoot this summer!), so i got to hang out with them, too! they are all so special to me. see how sweet they are!

heather and rusty, thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your day. have a great time on your honeymoon, and i will talk to you soon!

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