Friday, May 15, 2009


i tell john i love him all the time. seriously, it borderlines on obsession. okay, maybe it is obsession, but i have always told him that i would rather say it too much than not enough ... that i can rest in the knowledge that if something ever happened to either one of us i would know i told him enough. so when i sat in shock at the end of grey's anatomy last night, hearing mereidth's words, "did you say it?," i felt no sudden compulsion to call john to tell him how much he means to me. he knows how i feel. but i called him anyway. :)

talk about shock ... i sat in angst the whole two hours. i knew something was coming, but of course never expected to discover that john doe was really george. poor, sweet george. he is totally the kind of guy who would push a girl out of harm's way and get hit by a bus to save her life. he is a hero. which is why he would have been great in the army, regardless of what everyone thought. he was brave. and kind. and honorable. and despite the tragic consequences, in that one act of bravery he showed everyone that ever made fun of him that in the end, he was the person you wanted beside you in a crisis. my heart broke when meredith finally realized it was him, and his face suddenly became somewhat recognizeable. we all knew there was a chance izzie would die, but george? and when she stepped onto that elevator, my heart stopped. was it really happening?? when the elevator opened and george stood there, it was if he was waiting on her. like he had already crossed over and was waiting for her to come with him. but she didn't. not yet ... and we have to wait until next season to see if she goes with him or he comes back with her. wow.

then there's meredith and derek. the relationship at the crux of the entire show. meredith was right - there is never a good time. there is always a crisis to attend to. but if we don't stop in the middle of the insanity to tell the people we love that we love them, the days pass us by. i loved their wedding - it was so them. it was all they needed - to promise to love each other even when they are old and smelly, to never run away, to stick it out forever no matter what. i was so proud of mer ... she's come a long way from dark and twisty. she's evolving, trusting, even smiling. it makes me happy. and i love the way she is inspiring cristina. between seeing meredith grow and helping izzie, we have seen a side of cristina unlike before - kind, concerned without too much cynicism, and also smiling. and i love her relationship with owen. i know he is damaged, but who isn't really? he is a war hero, he is in therapy dealing with his trauma, and he loves her. i have such high hopes for them.

oh my gosh i love dr. bailey. she is smart, hard working, funny, and she refuses to cosign any bullshit. she is a badass, and everyone knows it. but she is human. she has marital problems and a baby and a career - and she is trying to balance it all. really trying, but it is so hard. my favorite line of the whole two hour show was when the chief suggested her husband might be scared, and she said, "we are all scared! if you aren't scared, you aren't paying attention!" i am scared a lot of the time, and i know how she feels.

as usual, part of me loves alex and part of me hates him. alex is skilled at saying what we all think but know not to say; he is of the "i am just going to say what i am thinking even though i am angry and i really don't mean it and am going to have to apologize later" mentality, and i can't stand that about him. it is just unwise and assinine. maybe i feel so strongly about it because i know how much words can damage people. but alex is damaged, too, and it has been nice this season to see him in love, being sweet to izzie, devoting himself to her. it has softened him a bit, but last night his fear took him over and destroyed any chances of him being likeable.

and i am not going to say much about them, but i love mcsteamy and little grey together, and i hope she comes to her senses and marries him and lives happily ever after in a dream house with him. sigh. :)

counting down to next season already ....


  1. Lindsay: Grey's Anatomy :: Jenny: LOST

    Do you remember these little puzzles? Maybe from the ACT/SAT or some other standardized test? I do. And I think the previous one fits just right.

    I'm glad to hear that you, John & Henry are adjusting to life together on the road. I love you & think of you often.

  2. This is a really well written review. It feels like I just read something off the official Grey's Anatomy blog :)

  3. i'm going to agree with john on this.

  4. ok... so you just ruined the final episode for us in Australia... we have a few more weeks to go b4 the final ep... however i could'nt stop reading... ! haha and i always thought McDreamy was Derek... and the other Dr was Mc something else but i don't remember the name... ha

  5. ah! good catch, kellie! it's mcsteamy! i will change it right now. :)

  6. love this! i am still in shock- i just watched it last night on DVR. can't believe it all, but i thought of you immediately, b/c I know how we share the love for grey's!! miss yall!

  7. oh my goodness. i'm doing some blog catch-up and finally just read this. NICE review Lindsey (i agree with John above). I had heard that the season finale was a shocker but holy cow! i just sat in shock when i finally watched it (courtesy of my DVR) and did NOT see that one coming. i hope to find a George one of these days. how can you not love him??